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Ville de Québec


Ville de Québec Only in pre-production. It will be redundant (with faster server) and it will monitor close to 500 host when in full production

Virginia Bioinformatics Institute


Virginia Bioinformatics Institute Great application, real life saver. The few weeks of work you'll have to put in it will be returned by a solid monitoring system.

VSM Hosting


VSM Hosting We use Nagios as a monitoring/notification tool to monitor a lot of services and other information on both our own servers, as well as on the servers we administrate for our customers. We have intergrated NagiosGraph



VTLS Inc. We monitor 14 network devices, two UPS's, a firewall, a packet shaper, and more than 40 Linux and UNIX servers. We use NRPE and SNMP for monitoring, as well as various TCP and UDP plug-ins. Very useful tool.



Offers Nagios monitoring services to end-users and small businesses for a small fee.

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