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VanderLet We use Nagios in order to help us with (7 x 24) remote management of customer sites through dedicated secure xDSL lines. We build our own report module with MySQL and Business Objects for the use of availability, performance, capacity management. We use a ...

Vector Software Factory


Vector Software Factory Running for 1 year without problems. Best relation price / quality found in market. Easy to deploy, easy to configure, reliable.

Verlag Dierichs


Verlag Dierichs SNMP Trap handled whith snmptt and stored in a MYSQL database. Workflow visualisation with nagvis (www.nagvis.org)



Running Nagios from year 2003 as a primary monitoring system with SMS alerting. Made almost every service with a script which checks certain things on a host. Added a history function to service-checks (via comments), so we can see what happened in the pa ...

Victoria & Albert Museum


Victoria & Albert Museum Fantastic product, better than all the commercial products I have used over the years - Bull OpenMaster / CA UniCenter / and that other one name escapes me at moment! Now all I need is to replace HP Openview / Cisco Works for my routers and Ill be happy!

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