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Accurate Environmental


I love Nagios, it works well and does what it's supposed to.

Acrobat Results Marketing


Acrobat Results Marketing I started using Nagios (then Netsaint) while working at the city's public Telecom/Internet Backbone company to monitor 1000+ services, where it was invaluable! Even on this current small" network it is referenced every day to avoid critical problems."

ADD d.o.o.


ADD d.o.o. 20 years have passed since the establishment of ADD. During this time, we have witnessed many changes and rapid progress, primarily in the IT development area. At ADD, we have followed global trends and have continually invested in our knowledge and the d ...



Working with Nagios, additional with APAN and MRTG. Full service provider who takes care of customers infrastructure.

adesso AG


adesso AG Additionally we use Cacti (http://cacti.net) to collect and display performance and other data of our systems.

ADI Limited


It is simply excellent.

Advanced IT Services


Advanced IT Services we are just starting to use nagios, so the number of hosts and services are rising. We are happy with the system, and will be looking into a distributed system in the near future

Advanex Inc.


Advanex Inc. Nagios is very good to monitor our all network equipment and servers.

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