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The Eastridge Group


The Eastridge Group Fantastic product, solid improvements over time

The Sjobeck Company, LLC


The Sjobeck Company, LLC Useful, but especially so with the plug-in for Asterisk.

The University of Stirling


The University of Stirling Number of services may not be greater than number of servers. In our case there are a number of IP addresses that we want to ping, but don't want to monitor any further.

These Days


These Days These Days is an independant full-service agency for interactive marketing; customers are e.g. Nokia, Mobistar, Douwe Egberts, Sony, Citibank, Gouden Gids, Neuhaus, Greenpeace,...

Ticket Innovations, Inc

Came across NAGIOS in an article on NW Fusion - I really just set it up in a sandbox to play around and see what we could do with NAGIOS - but I am somehow now starting to rely on it =) This is a great tool - and I have barely touched on the amount of con ...

TietoEnator Deutschland GmbH


TietoEnator Deutschland GmbH Monitoring of HP-UX,Solaris 7-10,Linux(Redhat, Debian,SuSE, Linux Advanced Server RedHAT, CENTOS), Windows (NT,W2k,XP,2003), CISCO, HP-Switches and Printer with Ethernet-Connect. All Troublereports are sent by email and sms. Monitoring PORTS, Applications ...



Tilak most tests are snmp queries

Tilburg University


Tilburg University Great work, keep it up.


Tiscali South Africa

Been running nagios for the past 6 months.

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