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20:20 Logistics


Best Monitoring tool by far, easy to use and configure and it's free.

4u Business


Once you have figured out how the config file run, it is one of the best monitoring system on the market.

A1 Security Camera Systems


A1 Security Camera Systems We have been using Nagios to monitor our home designed security systems. It's been tremendous help especially with IP Security Systems.



AA COMPUTER, s.r.o. HP-UX 11.xx, MS Windows 2000, MS Windows XP, Gentoo and red Hat Linux

Aalborg University Computer Science department


Aalborg University Computer Science department The host is used to monitor all routers, switches, servers, printers and other devices at the Deparment of Computer Sciences at Aalborg University. Currently it is a test implementation, but it contains quite a few host and checks...and it is ever expandi ...

Aalborg University Library and Web Portal


Aalborg University Library and Web Portal The servers for the entire AAU web-portal and all servers for the Library is monitored with relevant services. The growth of services and hosts is now stablilized but ideas of issues to monitor keeps growing.

ABC Startsiden


ABC Startsiden Perfdata add on used for graphs

ABSYS Informatique

Great tool !!!


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