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Sozialstiftung Bamberg


Sozialstiftung Bamberg the server is used for other things like cacti/other monitoring tools in gereal too.


SPARQ Solutions


SPARQ Solutions Currently running Nagios on HP DL380 FreeBSD servers. We have a distributed configuration consisting of 1 primary Nagios node and 3 worker nodes using gearman. This provides us with a rock solid and high performing solution with N+1 resilience for the wor ...


SpeedSite Online


SpeedSite Online Nagios is a wonderful product; thanks for making it work so well.


Spiralinks, Inc.


Spiralinks, Inc. Will hopefully be implementing failover / redundancy on our mail / hosted app servers soon Thanks and congratulations on a superb monitoring product!


Spotnik Mobile


Using nagios in various forms since 1999


st. michaels house


st. michaels house Exists alongside cacti (for historical graphing), syslog-ng, splunk. Monitors 70 hosts in 10 sites linked by a linux VPN.


Stabilys Ltd


Stabilys Ltd Superb product. We checked out the rest, but this is the best.


Stadtsparkasse Munich


Stadtsparkasse Munich I liked nagios from the first screenshot, making a sysadmin's life much more fun :-)


Stafford County Public Schools


Stafford County Public Schools I picked up nagios because I needed a free tool that would check to see if a host is up or down. I had never used linux before, so this was an adventure. On the end of the second day of work, I got monitoring up on the 31 sites. This is a great tool that ...


State of Ohio - JFS


We use Nagat to administrate the server. It has become our primary network monitor tool. Very good tool. Highly recommended.




Staticnat First Nagios Install. This was a lot simpler than I expected.

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