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p2pweb.net Nagios is used to monitor a distributed web hosting system. It dynamicaly update BIND DNS configuration to achieve global server load balancing.




PAIWASTOON Nagios has been an essential part of the toolkit for us to create the kind of reliability we need to provide in a frontier environment where repair expertise are limited and expectations of new technology are high.


Paper Converting Machine Company

I am very grateful for Nagios. It makes my job much easier and more enjoyable. Best network monitoring product I have ever worked with.


pasicx netsystems gmbh


pasicx netsystems gmbh Pasicx is a company that specializes in Open Source and Network Monitoring consulting services and has been specifically created for this purpose. The experience of the founders originates from the security side of Linux and Unix.


Paynet Kenya Limited


Paynet Kenya Limited We run ATM's on behalf of other organisations so monitoring is a crucial function. So far so good, we are pushing some limits in terms of showing the information but are going to develop our own dashboards to present it as required. Seems to be scaling we ...


Peavey Electronics UK LTD


Have only been using Nagios for a few months now but finding it incredibly useful and efficent


PeerMe, Inc


PeerMe, Inc Quite a bit more work needs to be done in regards to using Solaris 10 and all the new service features that it provides. I've just scratched the surface on how well the two services can work together...

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