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Ocado As soon as I arrived and saw there was no monitoring software on site, I got Nagios up and running and then showed it to my managers. They liked what they saw and now we have a setup running in my location. We will be rolling Nagios out to our other 2 sit ...


Ocean Glass Public Company Limited.


Ocean Glass Public Company Limited. Think Network Monitoring think Nagios.!


OH22 Systems GmbH

Monitoring 7 seperate VLANs. ISDNCard to send out alerts by SMS.


Ohio Indemnity Company

What a fantastic product!


Omnitec Ges. m. b. H.


We are supporting all post offices in Austria and we use Nagios to check the availability of all locations. The Nagios config files are dynamically generated out of a .csv-File containing the routers. But we are planning to check all end devices (approx. ...


op5 AB


op5 AB op5 is a company that sells and supports products based on well known OpenSource software, Nagios among them.




Opengear Opengear designs and manufactures next-generation console server and power management solutions for secure remote access and control of IT infrastructure. Our console servers all have embedded Nagios checks and we offer a free secure software client (SDT ...




OpenSides Works very well !! a dream to monitor workstations and service and lots of services


OrcaGroup Communication Solutions


OrcaGroup Communication Solutions the server is an Adlink server with a Pentium4@ 2,8GHz, 1024 MB RAM and a mirrored 80 GB disk. This machine runs Nagios, Cacti, Apache2 and MySQL on Debian Sarge. It runs very smooth and maybe the best thing I like about Nagios that it almost never sends ...

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