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Net Works AS


Net Works AS We are using Nagios for our central xSP facilites, remote servers and networks.


Netfilter Pty Ltd


Great piece of software which has proven to be far more useful than anything we have seen in the commercial sector.




Some minor code changes were required to achieve acceptable performance.


NetMon Bt.


Netpia Turkey


Nagios is a great tool to monitor network. Currently we're monitoring; 1- Our LAN 2- Our WAN (Webservers, database servers, etc) 3- vPos servers of banks which we work with 4- DNS servers of ISPs which we work with Nagios is sending us e-mail and SMS when ...


Netspace Online Systems


Netspace Online Systems Nagios has worked fantastically for all our monitoring needs. No other monitoring software has given the power or flexibility of Nagios.


Netsuite, Inc.


Netsuite, Inc. Nagios is totally reliable and flexible. We have written many custom plugins to monitor our site-specific things. Nagios is powerful out of the box, but the framework for easily adding your own checks is what makes it really special.


Network Box Corporation


Network Box Corporation We operate a managed security service, and use Nagios for monitoring both end-user devices, as well as global internet connectivity and health.

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