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Kalmar läns museum


Kalmar läns museum This is a regional museum, spread out in three locations, we use nagios to monitor and restart our VPN links


Kampsax India (P) Ltd.


Kampsax India (P) Ltd. Nagios is a wonderfull tool, which I have found and it works greate way. I have attached a GSM modem to get SMS. Need to configure to monitor CISCO switches.


Kang Da Information Inc


Kang Da Information Inc Great product - we want to provide implementation services and support to new users in Taiwan


Kanton GR


Karsten S.A.


Karsten S.A. Implantado desde maio de 2004, contamos com 1 servidor com Linux RedHat 3 monitorando 44 Hosts, sendo entre eles servidores Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX e equipamentos de redes, como roteadores, firewalls e links de Internet., no total de 198 servi?os.




Kartaca Kartaca offers services, solutions and products regarding System Integration, Mobile Service and Infrastructure Applications, Internet-based Applications and Infrastructure Applications. Parkyeri's infrastructure and experience helped Parkyeri to becom ...


Kelman Technologies


Kelman Technologies The vast majority of our services are checked passively.


kernzeit AG


kernzeit AG We are using Nagios and its older brother Netsaint since 1999 now and are quite lucky with it, as Nagios has more possibilities than most of the commercial monitoring tools.




KHsoft Nagios is a great piece oft software that helps us much to ensure the quality of our services. We like the flexibility and reliability oft Nagios.


Kimberly Area School District

Excellent software. When I moved over to this network, they didnt really have a monitoring software and they needed something fast, cause I couldnt keep track of all the services. Nagios, does it and does it well. Although it took a few days to get everyt ...


Klingele Papierwerke GmbH & Co. KG

Eigene Java-Entwicklung zur visuellen Ausgabe des Status auf einem 32 Bildschirm Nagios 2.0b5"


Klinikum Dortmund

currently monitoring 150 Cisco WAN- and LAN-Devices. Planning to monitor 8 HP-UX (SAP,Oracle) and several Win-NT,-2000-Servers

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