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Avail Technologies, Inc.

Avail Technologies, Inc.

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Organization Type
Small Business
Transportation Industry (General)
United States of America
Monitoring OS
Linux (Fedora)
Monitoring Setup
  • Standalone
Nagios Servers
Monitored Hosts
Monitored Services
Avail Technologies, Inc. is truly unique within the transit industry because we are the only system integrator to dedicate 100% of our attention to servicing transit agencies operating 250 vehicles or less.

Limiting our business pursuits to this segment of the market and not trying to be “everything to everybody”, has enabled Avail to truly become the industry experts on the issues and needs of these operators. This focus and in-depth knowledge allows Avail to be much more than just a product provider, it allows us to be a full service engineering resource and systems integrator in supporting our customers.

As such, Avail is here to support and guide you, the transit operator, with the adoption of all ITS technologies, not just the ones offered by Avail, and to help restructure internal operational processes and procedures to ensure you are gaining maximum benefit from the technologies you have in place.

The ability for Avail to provide both a full range of services and end-to-end product solutions is once again, a result of limiting our focus to one specific segment of the transit industry so we have the time it takes to ensure that we stay on top of our customers needs.