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ADD d.o.o.

ADD d.o.o.

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Organization Type
Small Business
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Linux (CentOS)
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  • Standalone
Nagios Servers
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20 years have passed since the establishment of ADD. During this time, we have witnessed many changes and rapid progress, primarily in the IT development area. At ADD, we have followed global trends and have continually invested in our knowledge and the development of all our employees. These efforts have paid off. We often managed to reach the global level, and sometimes were even a step ahead of the times, which remains our mission in the future as well.

From our starting activities, mainly focussed on the sale of software, implementation and maintenance, during these 15 years we have managed to become a company that can offer its clients complete solutions and full IT services. The geographical area we are covering is getting larger and larger: besides Slovenia, we are currently present in Russia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Greece, Turkey, the Baltic States and ex-Yugoslavian countries.

Today, in the IT age, company success and survival depend more and more on the inflow of information, and this needs to be rapid and smooth. The status of information influences the accuracy of our business decisions, which have to be quicker and quicker due to extremely tough competition. At ADD, we are aware of this task, and that is why we primarily develop solutions that help our clients achieve better results, especially through efficient data and information management. With top-quality products and services in the IT area, we are concerned with the satisfaction and development of our clients, ensuring at the same time our own balanced growth and comprehensive development. Special attention is paid to ensuring comprehensive support to our business partners in all areas – 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.